Friday, June 11, 2010

And So It Begins

Happy World Cup!  It starts today.  We've been waiting four long years since the last one.  For the next month we will be glued to the TV.  We will be reading reports of the games after they're played.  The pictures on here today are from World Cup 2006. 

And, in my household, we'll be pulling for England to go all the way.

Yes, I know I'm an American citizen.  Yes, I know this means that I'm supposed to pull for the USA by default.

But, you see, I live with an Englishman. And, for the last eleven years, I've been watching English Premier League Football.  I know these guys.  They are my friends.  I love Wayne Rooney.  I have him on my stove.  He watches me cook and keeps me company.  So, in my mind, it's totally natural and normal for me to pull for them to win.

We have a party to attend tomorrow.  For those of you that don't know, tomorrow is USA v. England.  Many of our friends are English.  Many others are American.  And, to make it interesting, we have friends who are Irish, Swedish and there's even a Scot in the mix.  Lines will be divided tomorrow during the game.  I am being taunted as a traitor.  Me and Benedict Arnold. 

Hey, I like Eggs Benedict, so I'm okay with it.

It will be great fun tomorrow, and for the next month of the Cup.  Think Olympics with just soccer.

And, I won't complain if they take their shirts off at any point of the game.

(thanks for letting me use the pictures Steven xxx)


angie128 said...

We will tune in to the World Cup.

We will cheer for America. And whoever else the C-Dog deems worthy of our praise.

And I will need a picture of you with a windmill on your head.

sherri s. said...

Must. See. Tutu. Please.

word: hybombi

Hmm...meaning, "Hello sweet woodland deer"... "Hybombi," said a slightly tipsy Thumper.

mel said...

I am soooo removed from this. But I LOVED your costume.