Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On The Flip Side

Since it's Wednesday and one day closer to Friday, and since I just ate some great food, and since I was Negative Nellie last night, how about we flip it around tonight and talk about some positives??  So, without further ado----here's some things I'm currently digging on:

NOT using bullets in my post.

Almost to the point where my hot pink couch can be utilized.

"Best in Show."  Still one of my all time favorite giggle movies.

Juicy tomatoes.  Ripe blackberries.  Roasted Asparagus.

Flip Flops.

Avondale Wine & Cheese. 

$5 Wine Tastings.

Three Day Weekends.

Dreaming Dogs and their movable paws.

Trendy glasses.  I wish they had been that cool when I first got mine in 5th grade.  Two words----octogonal frames

Bulldogs and Bloodhounds.

Summer Thunderstorms during the middle of the night.

Dina and Caroline Manzo.  Top Chef.  Work of Art.  Theresa.  All the junk on Bravo TV.


Macy Gray's new cd:  The Sellout.

66 Days until vacation.

The Girl Who Played with Fire movie.

Dinner with the Twins.


94 year old (on Sunday) Grandmothers named Miki

And you??  What's making you smile on this last day of June, 2010???


Mary said...

getting into bed at 9:30 after a rotten, stressful day, reading wonderful blogs of wonderful peoples, thinking ahead to fun-filled weekends, cute sleeping puppies and even cuter, sleeping babies. That's making me smile today!

angie128 said...

I'm liking...
some early bedtimes this week, a good book (Yes, stil trying to finish Girl with Dragon Tattoo), my clean house, a fresh glazed donut today, Funny Home Videos, and a big glass of water right now.

Oh - and my cool bloggie friend JuJu!

SPT said...

your website design. love it!

my son on his first sleepover, whispering with his friend (WHAT are they whispering about??)

sherri s. said...

Coming home from the humidity and temperatures of the east coast to my cool overcast abode. Not having to wear the shoes--all three pairs--that made blisters on my feet. Seeing my dog, who was in the kennel for a week (and who routinely barks, growls, and howls in her sleep, in addition to running). Beer.

word: ablicru

We passed through Ablicru, New Mexico, on our way to Santa Fe.