Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to my Bedroom!!

Don't be afraid, this is G Rated!!

Remember the post when I gave you the map of my bed at night?  (complete with all the animals?) Well, there's one more thing I need to share with you.  I think I'm sharing this with you for my own protection.

Just a little background---I watch a LOT of crime TV.  A LOT.  I watch Forensic Files, Dr. G, Law & Order, Dateline, 48 Hours and anything else that presents forensic evidence.  I have learned that you can't get away with any crime, forensics and DNA evidence are the bomb! 

Over the course of watching these shows, there have been many shows on suffocation and strangulation.  If anyone uses a pillow to suffocate another, forensics can solve this mystery! 

Okay, back to my bedroom!  Steven has taking to a new sleeping position.  In order to mute the sounds of my snoring, he's now sleeping with a pillow on his head.  He is usually surrounded by at least three cats and the dog.  (I sleep where the dog is curled up.  Just pretend she's me)  Many nights, I don't even see his head.  So, I got to thinking---if he were to die in the middle of the night, because this pillow blocks off his air supply, would the police suspect me of murder?

I don't want to go to jail.  I wouldn't last a day.  I don't look good in orange.  (Just see my last post if you don't believe me)  I'd miss my cream cheese.  Heck, someone would "off" me for my hideous snoring!

So, I come to you tonight, asking that you be my witness.   This is habit.  The boy sleeps like this every night.  I do not press down on the pillow.  I don't touch the pillow.  (exception:  if HE snores)  I want him to live!  I mean, who would change the litter tray if he succumbed to the pillow???

So, thank you readers for having my back. I mean,  I would never tempt the science of forensics!!   And, to tell you the truth, I'm kinda fond of this pillow wearing dude.

I bet the police psychologists would have a heyday with all my mixed patterns.


mel said...

Um...and the reason why he doesn't buy some earplugs is because....??

PS - Gorgeous new blog colors! They match your bedroom nicely!

sherri s. said...

Wow...that makes me hot just to see him with that pillow on his head. I can't stand to have anything touching me while I sleep (sorry, honey!) A large reason for that is that I am eternally, hormonally, volcanically HOT! Sweet little Rockett. We'll vouch for you should David Caruso and his sunglasses come a knockin'...

Word: leasp

The Shakespearean actor's career was cut short because he had a terrible leasp.

Robin said...

love the bed linens, btw. and how funny that he does that with the pillow. I do the same to sleep through my hubby's snoring. though i dish out my own dose of night noise (sometimes i hear it's not just a snore!). oh no! too much information! ha! have a great day ms. orange tutu, and thank you for the anniversary wishes. ♥, Robin

p.s. I want to play the word game, which I think i understand. it's the verification word, right?

So: appau
He thought he was going to sneeze, but it was just an a-ppau!