Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mama Mia

I've been watching Paula Deen on the Food Network a lot lately.  Of course, I love her recipes, and I love the fact that she uses real butter with pride.  But, the thing I'm loving about her right now is her sweet personality.  I posted on Facebook last night, that I wanted her to be my mother.  Can you imagine?  I just feel like she would snuggle with me and love me and hug me and kiss me all the time.  The food would be marvelous.  The table would always be set with gorgeous plates and flowers . And, I"m thinking my room at her house would be filled with a big old bed, feather pillows, crisp cotton linens and fresh flowers.  She would love me and call me "honey" and "sweetie" all day long.

So, I got to thinking about other women who I'd like to be my mom.  (sidenote:  this is by no means a diss to my mom!!)  Here's four more women who, to me, epitomize a good mom.

Sally Field in Forrest Gump.  Yeah, I watched this again the other night, so this is fresh in my mind.  She's a good strong Southern woman.  (much like Paula)  She doesn't take any crap, and she protects her child with ferocity.  She would help me face the world and its challenges.  She and I would live in that beautiful home in Alabama, and she would always be on my side.

Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls.  We would talk about everything and anything.  We would drink coffee together; even though I don't drink coffee.  She would sell her soul to help further my education and life.  She would nurture me through all my love and heartbreak.  She and I would eat Chinese food and watch movies together, and no matter what, she would be there for me.

Molly Weasley in Harry Potter.  She would always make me feel important, no matter how many kids were in the family.  She would have some secrets about her past that proved she was more than just a mom, but that mom part always came first.  She would scold me when I was out of line, but only in the most loving manner.  She would also ride a mean broomstick and we would live in a magical house. 

Roseanne  She may have a sassy mouth (which I love) but you can tell she loves her kids.  And, not only does she love her kids, but she loves her kid's friends.  She would love me and get past her discomfort to help me grow.  She would always put food on the table, even after working all day.  She would make me laugh and teach me to laugh.  She would keep our family together through all types of strife.  She would teach me how to love someone by the way she loved my dad. 

I miss having a mom, and that feeling of having someone take care of me.  Any of these women would do, but right now, I'm leaning toward Paula.  Do you think she's up for adopting me?  I'm potty trained for the most part.

What moms do you like???


mel said...

You know what? I always fantasize about who would make a good dad.

Hands down - Atticus Finch.

But I have some oddball ones too. Like Dr. House. He is gruff and was a drug addict but he has a warm heart.

Jan, David, Rose and Grace said...

Oh I have always thought Paula would make a fabulous mom for me, so can I come be your sister?


Mary said...

Funny Mel, me too! And Atticus Finch would be an awesome dad. So would Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, I love him!

I would totally be cool with Paula adopting me as my second Mom though. I can just smell those clean, soft as silk, white sheets now....