Monday, July 26, 2010

Cell Phone Art

Steven helped me take the photos off my phone today.  I only had 179 since last July.  I think I'm missing a bunch somewhere. 

Do you ever look back on your cell phone pictures?  It's kind of a funny diary.  I enjoyed looking at mine today.  I saw all sorts of things.

I saw:

Oysters, Shem Creek, a Rainbow, my feet, the twins, my brother, my nephews, hot tubs, fire, the mountains, the funny dog from my work calendar.  I saw pictures of snow, and dress up parties, Auburn, Alabama, and Missouri baseball.

There are picutres of Charlie, Griffin's birthday cake, friends, flowers, hockey players, India, my sister in law, cactii, New York City and Steven. 

There are probably 40 pictures of my animals, tons of sweaty face pictures of me.  Pictures of me wearing a crown.  Pictures of the World Cup party, the Dave concert, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Even the Simpsons made it onto my phone!

It's been a treat.  Here's all 179 for you:

I can't wait to take more!!  Can you find yourself in here?  (you can double click on these to make them bigger)  It's kind of like a, "Where's Waldo?"


mel said...

Ju! I am in there!!

Oh, that makes me so happy!

Love ya, girl!

sherri s. said...

I WISH I were in there, having some fun with you...

word: dersedu

Swing your partner, dersedu!!! Hoedown, baby!