Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Hello Dave!

HOT!  HOT !!  HOT!!!

That sums up the Dave concert. 

Seriously.  It was so darn hot.  We started tailgating around 3:30, you know, right at the peak of the heat of the day.  STOOPID.  We invited our friends, Kristen and Grace to join us.  Aren't we nice to ask them to sit out and sweat like stuck pigs?

Luckily, my friend Laura (who is now up for sainthood) suggested that we take her canopy so we would have some shade.  I don't think I would have been able to survive without it.  I figure I owe her for a long time to come.

So, we sat on the parking lot in the 189 degree heat, drank some beers and people watched.  We saw some REALLY short shorts  (on a GUY), some very pale legs that weren't Steven's, lots and lots of sundresses and all sorts of creative tailgating.  There were many corn hole games, DAVE songs blaring out speakers, and tons of H O T people.  We even got to see a live drug bust right next to our car.  People watching is the best at a Dave concert.  (wait a second, I just realized someone was probably watching me....HEY!)

One of my favorite parts about Dave is that he introduces the opening act.  Every single time.  He comes out there when just a few folks are sprinkled in the seats, says something inaudible, and then introduces the act.  This day it was Amos Lee, and he was marvy.  I just think that speaks class when you take the time to welcome your guests.

And, what can I say about Dave that I haven't already?  He is the best showman.  He was as sweaty as I was, and he made me smile.  Thanks Dave.  Have a good year off in 2011.  I'll see you in 2012!!

oh, and me?  I have never been sweatier.  Or hotter. 
Here's proof in the pudding:


SPT said...

Do you just about die being so up close and personal to Dave?

mel said...

OK, I've been dying to ask. Why is a man's name Grace? Is it a family name?

I try to think of sweat this way - - it gets all the impurities out of the body so we are all purified and clean inside. Sometimes that helps, sometimes not.

The people watching must have been so cool. But the heat? Let's start a petition that Dave comes to your area in the Fall next time.

Oh yeah....if I paid rent could I pulease! come live with you? You have all the fun, Ju.

Love ya~

sherri s. said...

I so admire you...I'm too...old...for this kind of stuff now, I fear (I get way too cranky when it's hot AND crowded!). I did see the Police about 10 times in 3 weeks back in the day, pressed right up against the stage. Sting used to suck on pieces of pineapple soaked in vodka, and he threw them out into the audience. I caught one and had it on my bulletin board for months, even after it got moldy!

word: inesesuf

Dave came out to introduce the opening act. He said "inesesuf inesesuf inesesuf PLEASE WELCOME AMOS LEE."

Roller shoes said...

oh,my god ,that is wanderful