Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Over the Place

I am so over this heat.  I can't stand to go outside, I leave the blinds closed all day long, and I feel like I'm sweating all day and all night.  I feel for anyone who has to be outside in this weather, and especially those who have to work in it. 

Brie Cheese is consistently awesome.

My friend, Tracy, is having a baby Wednesday.  She lives in Oklahoma.  I wish I were closer to help her and to see the baby.  She's having a girl.  So glad it's her and not me.

I do not like the green M&M.  She's kind of slutty.

My favorite school lunch was Chili Day.  It was accompanied by a very thin peanut butter sandwich.  Yum!

Not a fan of Mariah Carey.

The girl who's having the baby Wednesday made these.  They are PW's recipe.  Make then today.  YUM!  (I can't remember the name, but they are some kind of bacon wrapped jalapeno with cream cheese filling)

Do you ever read random blogs?  I love it.  That's how I found Mel, Angie and Sherri.  Try it!

I don't drink milk or juice.

My brother and his fam are coming next Saturday for a stay at the beach  They will be here for a week.  How cool is that?  Lots of family time and lots of blog fodder.  Oh, and some good quality beach time.  I hope it cools off a bit.

Taylor is in Myrtle Beach with her friends this week.  Remember how great it was to be 18 and to have your whole life ahead of you? 

I'm getting a new phone in a couple weeks, any suggestions?  I currently have a Blackberry, and do enjoy it, but should I get a touch phone?  What do you have?

I need more family pictures up in my house.  Yep.

Hey, STAY COOL out there folks.  Let's have a great week!  Thanks for rambling with me.


mel said...

Is that you, foxy mama, with that tat?


PS - Although it is hard to feel sex-ay! with this heat when, as you pointed out, one sweats all day long. It, and I, stink.

But back to the tat - sex-ay!

Dusti said...

I'm over the heat, too, Judi. I'm with you on the green M&M. I always thought of the green M&Ms as power pellets!

angie128 said...

I need some of those jalapeno things right this minute.

Thanks for the bloggie shout out!

SPT said...

Yeah, details on the tat please.

As for phone - you NEED an iphone. You need it. They are like a microwave. You lived just fine until you had one. But once you got one, you don't know how you ever lived without it!

sherri s. said...

I don't enjoy any of the M&Ms with faces...I consider them all to be somewhat rude and obnoxious (and remember when they put celebrity faces on them in ads...ewwww). Sorry it's so hot where you's freakishly cool and overcast here (not boasting OR complaining, just sayin'!) AND yay for randomly finding my blog!

word: WOW, a real word: eighth

For my eighth birthday, I got an Easy Bake Oven (I did! Loved. It.)

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