Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In 24 Hours I-------

Get to see DAVE in Charlotte, NC.

Will sweat my patootie off while tailgating prior to the concert.  (It's supposed to be 95!)

Will probably have to hold my bladder, rather than use the Port-A-Potties while tailgating. 

Will watch my Australian friend experience a Dave Tailgate.

Will go on and on, to my Australian friend and his wife, my American friend, about how GREAT Dave is. 

Will watch a lot of kids younger than me playing Frisbee, get sunburned, play cornhole, cookout on their little grills, and generally enjoy life.

Will try to sneak in my camera so I can take some pix for my blog! 

Will watch Dave introduce Amos Lee, who will open for him.  (LOVE Amos!)

Will dance and sweat and sing, and pretend I know all the lyrics, and will make up the ones I don't know and have a GREAT time.

It's my favorite part of the summer, my DAVE time.  I wish I could tuck you all in my pockets and take you with me!

See ya on the Flip Side!

(thanks for the pictures Steven!)


mel said...

Livin' large again, Ju. You're livin' large.

Love ya!

angie128 said...

Space Between. My total fave.

SPT said...

Give Dave a kiss for me (with tongue if you can).

sherri s. said...

Does Dave know how lucky he is to have a fan like you?!

word: aeantell

I aeantell you where I hid the treasure, dagnabit!