Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midway Point

We are midway through 2010 people.  Well, more than midway actually.  Before we know it, we'll be celebrating Labor Day, sending the kids back to school (yay Sandie!), dressing up for Halloween and celebrating the holidays.  I am starting to feel like the years are slipping away so quickly!  Wasn't I just 17 years old yesterday?

I think this has been a pretty good year so far.  That's my gut feeling.  But, I figured I'd review 2010 to this point and give it a grade.  (on a curve, of course!!)


Always an important aspect of a year.  We started the year at Eagles Nest Hideaway in Bryson City, North Carolina.  (still my favorite place on the planet)  We spend Valentine's Day in SNOWY Lake Lure, North Carolina.  At the end of February, we traveled to Auburn, Alabama for some Missouri Tiger baseball.  In March, we traveled to Arizona for my aunt and uncle's 40th wedding anniversary.  In May, it was on to New York City, Billy Elliot and the meeting with Mel.  June found us back in Arizona with the relatives, with the Jake bonus. 
Grade:  A

Cultural Events

All that matters:  Billy Elliot in NYC. 
Grade:  A+

Sporting Events

Steven's soccer team wins the indoor championship in June. World Cup for five weeks.  But, England didn't fare well, and neither did the US.  My brother's baseball team had a rebuilding year.  Not enough good results.  Too many disappointments. 
Grade:  C


The year started with my besties in the mountains.  The YaYas were formed.  I met Mel in NYC.  The reunions on Facebook have been fantastic.  Fun times in the mountains in February.  World Cup Parties.  Thursday Night at Triangle. 
Grade:  A

Family Time  (Out of Towners)
I've seen my aunt and uncle twice, both brothers, both SIL's and Jake.  I haven't yet seen my nephews or my grandmother.  I need to get to Missouri to see my grandmother and two of the nephews.  The other two will be here in two weeks!  I always want more time with family, so based on that, I give this a
Grade:  C

Family Time  (In Town)
Well, Taylor is 18 now.  That means I never see her.  She has a social life, a job and school.  Steven had a busy time with The Furry Affair artwork and his Picture a Day project.  Again, I always want more time with family.  Based on quantity:  Grade D.
Based on Quality?  Always an A.

So, now the rest of the year remains.  Time to set goals people!!  (could that be tomorrow's blog?)  There's still time left to make it a 4.0 kinda year!


angie128 said...

What?! It's already July?!? Guess I should take my Christmas tree down...

JuJu said...

No point Ang. You'll just need to put it back up again real soon.

SPT said...

Yay is damn right!!!!

sherri s. said...

A fun first half of the year, I'd say! You DO get around, Miss JuJu (I mean that in the nicest way--you TRAVEL a lot!).

My goals: lose 25 lbs., get up early and meditate out in my gorgeously maintained garden and watch the sun rise, invent calorie-free beer. And world peace. (Perhaps I should be taking the setting of ACTUAL obtainable goals a bit more seriously! Really, I need to set some real goals so I won't feel as if I'm spinning out of control so often!

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