Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bolton and the Battery

We went to a little soccer game last night. We have a minor soccer league team in our town, the Charleston Battery. They were playing a team from the English Premier League, Bolton Wanderers. Well, we simply had to attend, since this is the division in which Manchester United (Steven's team) plays. And, even though it was HOTTER than $#*&, we had a great evening. Here's a few photos of the highlights from our nice evening in July:

Many of our soccer friends came out to enjoy the festivities. We are so lucky to have such nice friends~

The two young men in the middle are in America, from England, working/coaching at soccer camps for youths.  I taught them to stay away from fire ants.  I should be in the UN.  Steven on the left, of course, and our friend, Ray on the right.

We don't have a tailgate, but that doesn't keep us from enjoying a few libations prior to the game.  Check out Chrissa's koozie; Jodi's grandmother knitted them for her!  AWESOME.  I told her they need to be an item for sale on Etsy!

Speaking of cute?  Check out Chrissa's earrings.  LOVE em!

I made some friends at the game.  I met two young boys at the game, Kindergarten and first grade.  (yeah, I like em younger)  We had quite a conversation about their Silly Bandz. I discovered we all had the same one; the pink bus.  Yes, I only have one, but at least they thought it was cool.  Their coolest silly band?  According to them, the Loch Ness Monster.  Hey, it glows in the dark.


SPT said...

Silly Bandz have not hit CA yet. Isn't that crazy? So far I *think* it's still an east coast thing.

We have GoGos here though which are these little collectible creatures that I step on all over the house!

mel said...

No silly bandz on the West Coast - shocking!

sherri s. said...

You have the most attractive family and friends, JuJu! And I love the granny-knitted beer cozy. Look, it's like these Hi-Jacs ( I have in my shop. (I have some of these and I use them every dang day...they're genius). Granny needs to sell those, for sure!

word: infurone

What kind of pasta would you like, macaroni or infurone?

angie128 said...

SPT & mel - No Silly Bandz??? I will ship you two or a thousand...

JuJu - You just rock and I think you are awesome. The end.

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