Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bane of My Asheville Existence

I have many many Asheville stories to share, but since I'm feeling under the weather, very pooped, and can't seem to put words together to make a complete sentence, I'm just going to offer up one story for now.

Saturday afternoon, I laid down to take a nap in our little in town loft.  It was a lovely day and with the windows open, a slight breeze blew through my bedroom.  I was out late the night before, would be out late again this night, and so looked forward to my nap in Asheville.

And then THIS started.  Bang Bang Bang, chicka chicka crash!  Bang Bang Bang rolllllllllllllllllll chicka crash.  Roll Roll Roll Roll crash crash crash bam bam bam!!  BANG BANG BANG. 


Repeat Again.

Repeat Again and Again.  And add some cowbell.  For TWO hours. 

I kid you not.  I started plotting serious torture for this man.  I put pillows over my head.  I fantasized about blowing up his drums.  I fantasized about destroying all drums and drummers.  This man vaulted very quickly to the top of the WOW, I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR YOU list.  He made me irrational and violent!  I mean, after all, he was messing with my sacred nap.

When we did leave for our late evening, we walked by this gent.  He was two blocks from our loft, and still playing. 

But, I'll have you know, the worst thing I did, after all that plotting, was to take his picture.  He sure doesn't look as evil as he sounded.


Robin said...

Oh, I'm with you on the Sacred Nap Time. My hubby used to do this thing where he'd come home and as soon as he walked into the house (we have a tiny little house) he'd be all: hey hon! hey sweetie!... Ugh. May sound cute EXCEPT WHEN YOU'RE NAPPING!!!! I broke him of this habit. I'd pretend I didn't hear him, then I'd be all whispery, sleepy voiced: ohhh, hi...sleeping in here. Thank god that's over with! Ha! (Man I sound mean.)

aceialin: Sometimes I pop an aceialin when I can't sleep.

sherri s. said...

MORE COW BELL!!!! Poor you--I find that buskers/bands/ice cream trucks/organ grinders and monkeys are charming when they are many many blocks away from me. I smile at them as I go by and breathe a sigh of relief that I don't live near them.

word: sharsine

Hey Sharsine! Can Darleen and Mayleen and I come over for an RC and a moonpie?

Darla said...

He is a modern day Bert from "Mary Poppins". Just toss him a toppins! (is that right?)