Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moogfest 2010 (or as I prefer to call it, FREAKFEST 2010)

Hello Blogland.  We are back from Asheville.  We are still agog at all that we saw.

Steven and I have traveled a good bit, and between the two of us, we've seen many a sight.  We've seen a lot of places and people, but this one ranks right up there for the "unique" prize.

Asheville is nestled in the western mountains of North Carolina.  They are known for their festivals, and also known for their hippies.  And, we weren't let down on either factor.  Hippies galore!  Patchouli galore!  (I happen to like patchouli...)  Dreadlocks galore!!  Wrinkled organic clothing, galore!!

Add Halloween weekend and a Music Festival dedicated to Bob Moog and Voila!  You have a festival of freaks.  And, by the way, I include ourselves in that group.

We went out the first night we were there and saw all sorts of costumes.  Examples:

(I do love a monocle)

Everywhere we went, people were in costume.  Well, we think they were in costume.  We saw chicken men, super heroes, fairies with light up wings (my fave!), Waldo, The Stay Puff Dude from Ghostbusters, lots of robots, and on and on.  These folks went all out.  The costumes were as interesting as the music; seriously.  

We stayed in a neat little condo that was within walking distance to everything.  See the window on the right, top floor?  That's the window that was open as I heard the drummer who never stopped.  (see previous post)

This building was also across the street from a church with church bells that rang for 10 straight minutes.  Have you ever heard church bells ring for 10 non stop minutes?  

Here's some more of the interesting folks we happened upon:

 But, nothing, I mean NOTHING compares with the freakishness of THESE two.  YIKES!!!


sherri s. said...

Look how FREAKIN' (see what I did there?) cute you two are...really, so cute! A Moogfest, huh. Hmmm. Um. My husband would have loved it! He's in Charleston as we speak--JuJu adjacent!

Word: gingsoom

I like gingsoom tea better than ginseng tea, don't you? It's more soomy and not so sengy.

mel said...

You two look fabulous!

Agog...what a perfect word you used!

Sissy said...

Oh, I love patchouli first time exposure to essential oils. Asheville at the Farmer's Market hosts an herbal sale/soaps, oils etc. sometime early summer. Delightful to browse it.

Just came across your blog. I live just over the mt from Asheville, NC. Small world.
Sometime you might wish to check out my blogs...just sayin'

coultasj1 said...

Twas a great weekend. Looking forward to next year.

Robin said...

Oh my, how cute you guys look. Coupla hipsters. And I'm no stranger to the Minimoog - had a boyfriend who had one and made all sorts of freaky mix tapes using it.

visesc: Glass of visesc anyone?

Dusti said...

Great time in Asheville - with two GREAT friends!

KarenSue said...

How fun! My Dad lives in Saluda, I should go up there more often.
Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs, KarenSue

SPT said...

Gorgeous photo of you, Ju! Gorgeous.

(but i hate patchouli. gag.)