Monday, November 15, 2010

This House is Always First

As soon as Halloween is over, there's a house in Goose Creek that sets up for Christmas.  I've driven by the back of this house for years now, and they never fail me. I can always see the Christmas decorations peeking around the corner.   Today is the first time I actually drove by the front of the house.  Needles to say, I wasn't disappointed.

Wow.  I was looking at all of this at 8:00 in the morning.  WOW.

I mean, you've got trains, carolers, deer, lights, big candles, Santa on the porch, and on and on.

Now, is Snoopy there year 'round, or is this a Christmas thing?  

And, no house in South Carolina would be complete without the Christmas deer wearing their bows.  

I can't WAIT to drive back at night when all the lights are on and the blow up snowmen and Santas are up and running.  I just think I'll wait until it's a bit closer to Christmas.



sherri s. said... The girls across the street from us had their Christmas lights put up today by one of those companies. Of course, they had their Halloween stuff up on September 15...

word: epinity

Is that an epinity tree I see all decorated for Christmas?

mel said...

Nighttime pictures, please!

word - geditiol

I hope a drink of geditiol will make me feel less tired.

(One has to be a certain age to get this one...I wonder what was in that stuff??)