Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I'm Tired Of. Full Stop.

Yeah, my day has been kind of a whine-filled Thursday. So, in the spirit of that....

LITTERING. This is number one on my list. I saw a chick flick her smoked cigarette butt out her window this morning. NOTHING irks me more than this selfish gesture.

Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen’s drunken tirades and Charlie Sheen’s bowling shirts.

That commercial with the blonde curly headed boy where he’s bitching about his parent’s uncool car. Kid? Shut up.

Young stars in rehab. I guess a better way to put it would be young stars and their numerous trips to rehab.

Politics. Period.

The Facebook posts that start with, “If you,” end with, “repost this” and in between is some cause that is supported. (I love my kids. I love my mom. I love Veterans. I hate bullies.)

All the talk about, “Black Ops.”

Real tired of this cough/cold/mucus thing I have going on.

Whichever cat is leaving presents in our bedroom and on the bathroom rug. What’s with that?

Taylor Swift. SO over her. Overexposed much?

Sensationalist Journalism.

Fake Bantering.


Anyone with the last name of “Palin.”


Posers, Pretenders, and Wannabe’s.

All the contestants on Top Chef: Just Desserts.

All the judges on Top Chef: Just Desserts.

Top Chef: Just Desserts.

Here’s hoping getting this off my chest makes for a better Friday!


mel said...

Oh, Ju! I hope that at this minute you are in your bed with a warm blanket up to your ears and fast asleep so you start to feel better soon.

sherri s. said...

I'm so irritated with Top Chef Just Desserts, yet I can't seem to look away. Charlie Sheen makes me gag. The Palins? Don't get me started. What is SuBo? I have a long list of irritants at the moment...don't get me started! Must go flop on the couch now...

word: mista

There'sa a lotta mista out there todaya. Use-a youra humbelina [a charming word used by a Chinese guy trying to sell me an umbrella--from now on, they're "humbelinas."].