Monday, November 29, 2010

Yes, I Really Do Have Family

And, this is one time I can prove it.  Check out Grandma with the Big Yellow Tupperware Bowl!

 This is Taylor and my oldest brother.  We spent Thanksgiving Day at their house.  I like to point out that he's the oldest.

This would be yours truly wearing a garish turtleneck (what was I thinking?), my SIL and nephew, Matt.

This woman is just plain crazy.  I'll have you know she cleaned her plate.

We subjected these cousins to a bowling game.  This smile belies their extreme boredom at hanging with the old folks.

Again, the OLDEST brother, and his wife, Kathy. Thanks for feeding us!

Here's the MIDDLE brother's boys.  You can see that no one in our family was blessed with the "tall" gene.

I rest my case.

 My oldest and dearest friends, Mike and Rose.  I love them more than my luggage.  But, boy, they tire me out when I visit!

Steven and their youngest, Angela.  Angela always takes a good picture.  Steven, well, ......

This is Angela and her REALLY GOOD SPORT boyfriend, who put up with us and entertained Taylor so she wouldn't have to spend time with the old folks.

If it looks like I just rolled out of bed, well, I did.  We went to the bar at 9 am to watch ManUnited play.  Yes, that's a beer in my hand.

This is Rose, her oldest daughter, Jennifer, and Steven at a beautiful vineyard in Hillsboro, Missouri.  I tasted a wine that hinted of pickle juice.  I swear.

Wonderful friends, and a pretty darn good tootin' boy there.  (love the glasses!)

 Family.  Friends.  It was a real treat to see them all in one weekend.  On a holiday.  For that, I give thanks.


mel said...

Beautiful, Ju!

And it is just amazing how everyone is just about the same height!

I loved seeing the pics.

word - parypock

Pass me some of that yummy parypock corn, please.

Sherri said...

Maybe I could borrow your grandmother for a few days (I promise to give her back)--she's so darling! And I miss mine...I've said it before and I'll say it again: what a cute family you have!

word: chiess

Swiss chiess, pliess!