Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Random, or the One Where I Catch Up on Catching You Up

Our oldest cat, Bailey, is driving all of us nuts.  All he wants to do is eat.  This has made it impossible to cook in our already small, difficult kitchen.  Every time we turn around, he jumps on the counters.  We have been forced to pull open drawers in an effort to keep him off.  It ain't working.  His stomach is smarter than we are.

 (see him preparing for his assault?)

*Our kitchen isn't normally this cluttered.  It was feeding time for the cats and dog.

*We are going to Missouri for Thanksgiving.  We will be with my brother, Jeff, and his family, for the first time in close to 15 years.  I will get to share Chex Party Mix with my 94 year old grandmother.  I will get to see my  nephews.  And, hopefully, my other brother/fam will drive the 2 hours to see us as well.

*Mucinex DM is the first medicine I've ever taken that helps control my cough at night.  I highly recommend it.  I hate their commercials, but do love the product.

*I bought Christmas presents today.  I hate buying Christmas presents in November.  It just feels wrong.  
*We watched, "Beverly Hills Cop" again last night.  It's still as funny as it was in 1984.  Yep, 26 years ago.  How old do you feel now?

*We turned the heat on yesterday.  Honestly, wasn't it just August?

*I'm currently reading Andre Agassi's memoir, "Open."  I'm really enjoying it, a very insightful read.

*My abs hurt from coughing so much this past week.  My body thinks I did sit ups.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

*I love the asterisk.

*We see Dave, here in our town, in 10 short days. 

*While we're talking short days, it's 18 days until Thanksgiving and 49 days until Christmas.  

*I won't be watching, "Skating with the Stars."

*I really enjoy Rosie O'Donnell's radio show.  

*I'm still pissed off about the Project Runway finale.  Mondo was the REAL winner.  Gretchen sucked.

*Laughing Cow cheese rocks.

*Time for a new hairdo.

*Wow, that guy who plays Jackson on Grey's Anatomy is cute.  Whew!

*Peace Out Folks.  Gotta go get a cat off the counter.  


SPT said...

Now that is a beautiful cat! And we both have red kitchens!

I am still bitter over mondo. I might even give up the giant's win to get a mondo win. I thought Gretchen's collection was very boring. Mondo has vision and talent. Sigh....

sherri s. said...

Such a cute cat...come on, Mom, I'm HUNGRY! I agree, Mondo was ROBBED. I think Gretchen should have been sent home long before the finale. (Who are you rooting for on ANTM this time, BTW?). Mucinex does work, but can we all send them a note to discontinue those gross commercials? How did it get to be November? Have I asked you enough questions?

word: menes

I don't get my menes anymore since my surgery (hip hip HOORAY!). (Kinda icky, I know, but hey, that was the word!)

~Easy said...

2 words: Squirt Gun

Worked wonders to train my cats not to get on the counters when I was in the room

Robin said...

this cracks me up. Kate is constantly on the counter. and now the little one comes flying up once she sees Kate up there. Okay, and we've been known to have a feline jump on the table when we have people over for dinner. That's always cool, NOT!

emmult: I'm trying a new breakfast drink for older women who still like EMO. It's called emmult.