Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Ju Style. (for Mels)


 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Did you see the ugly little elf outside your door this morning?  I'm just wondering where he got those fancy shoes, and what they're going to do with the beetle.  I'm also wondering just what this has to do with Thanksgiving.

Okay, NO WAY am I eating a turkey with a face like this.  For one thing, I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl.   Either way, it's just plain creepy.

Guns.  Bullets.  Charlton Heston would love this guy.

Do NOT want to see how big the turkey was from where THAT wishbone came.  Holy Moly.  That's T-Rex territory.

Speaking of creepy.  All the pretty children are lined up to go into Thanksgiving Town.  They are guarded by an evil looking mutant dog, and the words wish for you to "Join the Turkey Line" with me.  I'm eerily reminded of Jim Jones on this one.

Now, how in the world is that small boy going to chop off that big old turkey's head?  And, where do they grow these turkeys so big?

I have no idea people.  No idea.


mel said...

Oh, I swear you could make a living writing these funny blogs. I laughed out loud at that last one! Hoping you have a marvelous Thanksgiving (and that you got the name of whatever cream your grandmother has been using to look so amazingly lovely!).

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sherri s. said...

O.M.G. ... WHAT were they thinking? So creepy and disturbing.

(Yay, Mel!).

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