Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Day Haiku

We don't often get days off work due to weather complications.  And, when we do, it's usually because of hurricanes; certainly not SNOW or ICE.  But, today, the tri-county area shut down due to ice.  In honor of that ice, I feel my Haiku Juices Flowing...

6:50 AM
Big Guy agrees to closing
Mass Text Then Ensues

Homemade Breakfast Treats
Loads of Delicious Bacon
Biscuits, cheese and joy

Watched a weird movie
Steven and I on the couch
Good Dick was the name

Robert Redford rules
So hot in "the Sting" movie
Love that furry chest

Birds looking for food
Hope they like potato chips
In their wet bird house

Trip out during day
Where else but Mexican food
Tequila and beer

Add ice to the south
We don't how to react
So we just ENJOY.

Must remember this
In the humid summertime
Where are the 70's?


sherri s. said...

Clever, you are (said in best Yoda voice). Stay safe...looks a wee bit treacherous (but Mexican food does have a siren call, doesn't it?).

word: uncely

Don't be unsely, missy--off to your room for sassing me!

Robin said...

LOvE your haikoos. And i noticed that you, too, love the Twilight series. Oh, when that movie first came out i had it bad for RPatz. Then, it fizzled. he's one dreamy vampire though. i go for those complicated, brooding, pretty boys. always have. ugh. my undoing. nice to stop in to your bunch of stuff. my new job has me hog tied! no time to play! but hey, my bank account is happy. :o)

angie128 said...

We had some snow too.
Enough for a snow day - Woot!
Today back to work.

I think I might cry.
Already missing football.
When will fall arrive?