Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday on a Tuesday

I do love a three day weekend, but oh that Tuesday back at work feels like the worst Monday ever.  It's like everyone goes a little nuts with three days to themselves.

Speaking of nuts, Bailey (the pooper) is still pooping in the bathtub.  He is also now dumpster diving.  Okay, not dumpster, but definitely trash can.  It's to the point that we need to put a childproof lock on the cabinet so he can't get into it.  I am seriously horrible at manipulating those things.  I bet he figures it out before I do.

Speaking of figures, mine just keeps getting rounder.  The countdown is on until my 30th high school reunion.  (we're at roughly five months)  I do not want to win the prize for  "most weigh gained" or "fattest alum."   Remember the "Designing Women" where Suzanne Sugarbaker went to her reunion and everyone was so mean?

Speaking of Suzanne, my mom said that was almost my name.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.  I don't think I'd want to answer to "Suzy."

Speaking of thinking, I've been thinking about vacation this year and where to go.  I'm seriously considering Amsterdam.  Other possibilities in my fantastical mind:  Nicaragua  (but, what would Steven eat?), Florida  (again, cheap and close), an all inclusive (love not carrying around money, but somewhat over the beach), and any other place you guys might suggest?

Speaking of fantastical, I received the Sundance catalog in the  mail today.  I would like one of each item please; including Robert Redford, whose picture graces the inside cover. 

Speaking of covers, I am constantly on the search for the perfect duvet/bedspread/comforter.  I swear, I change mine a couple times a year.  I cannot find one that is the right weight and doesn't show animal hair.

I don't want to speak about right weight.

Speaking of speaking, I've really gotten to the point where I can't stand talking on the telephone.  I figure within ten years, I should be a complete hermit.

And, speaking of complete, this post is now just that!


SPT said...

Ju Ju Bee, I just adore you.

mel said...

I second that thought completely!

I love your "voice", JuJu.

sherri s. said...

a) me too on the Sundance catalog, please--but I'll let you have Robert. b) come out West for your vacay...national parks are fab out here (you must see the Grand Canyon if you haven't...no, really, it's, well, Grand!) or go to Portland (lots of fun stuff to do, lots of beer to drink!). c) wait until you see my word!!!! Best one yet!

word: suckette!

(My mind is reeling...) My favorite punk band is Lolly Pop and the Suckettes.