Sunday, January 9, 2011


Last January 1st, Steven undertook (is that a word?) a very daunting project, to take an original picture every day of the year.

I figured it would be no problem for him, as he's constantly snapping photos with his phone and his camera.  I didn't realize it would become a quest to find the perfect picture each and every day.

He took his camera everywhere for a year.  He asked me, just about every day, "what should I take a picture of today?"  I always gave the same suggestion:  take a picture of you taking  a picture.  I don't think he ever resorted to that.

He was very excited when we would travel, as it presented him with different photo ops.  He created many of them in his "kitchen studio."  He took countless trips to cemeteries, parks and the bridge.  He found empty buildings, cute animals and didn't break any major laws.  He only got hit on once. (that I know of!)  Not only did he take an original picture daily, but he took multiples, and then spent time editing the pictures.  Let's just say I've kinda forgotten what he looks like? 

I'm very proud of not only his gorgeous pictures, but his dedication to this project, and his commitment to excellence while doing it.  Well done dear!! 

You can enjoy Steven's year in photos here.


sherri s. said...

Awesome! And that photo looks like it should be an ad for something fun and cute!

And: OMG on Capcha Art. Too freakin' hilarious! Love it (must add it to favorite time wasters, along with Regretsy and Catalog Living).

word: clazle

Fo' shazle, your clazle is be-dazzl(ling) me.

sherri s. said...

OK, this next word is: JUBSTER!!!!

A nickname for you: The Jubster! No?

~Easy said...

I would love to undertake a project like that, but I'd probably end up cheating and using a good pic from the day before if nothing happened that day.