Friday, January 7, 2011

Slumber Party

Last night, Rockett spent the night with Taylor at her dad's house.  Taylor was staying in for the evening and wanted to snuggle with the Queen Snuggler.  So, they had a girl's sleepover.

That means I came home and there were no doggy kisses, waggy tails or trademark whines. 

Then I went to bed, and no one tried to get under the covers, ended up not being able to breathe, and ultimately flopping on the bed outside the covers.

This morning, there was no doggy to look sad when we left for work. 

I'm telling you, I was out of sorts the whole day.  She was off having fun with Taylor and Xammie (Taylor's dog at her dad's) and I was here without them. 
(sidenote:  the cats were in 7th Heaven for that 24 hour period.  I'm sure they partied all night long thinking Rockett had left permanently!)

I am happy to report that Rockett is back home and life is back to normal.  Although, she's just like a teenage girl who is wiped out after a sleepover with friends.  She's snoozing away.

And, just like normal, the cats are really pissed off again.

(Photo Credit to Taylor)


sherri s. said...

ROCKETT!!!!!!!!!! I. Love. This. Dog. She is too darling (Rockett-Palooza Monday?)...

word: besseiga

I wanted to order besseiga with lemon caper sauce, but I had to order farfalle instead.

mel said...

All is right with your world.



I always buy People mazinon to read during the train ride home on Friday.

angie128 said...

Love. That. Picture.

Darla said...

I know what you mean! I take Elroy to a daycare to play once a week, and it is so strange to walk into the house, and not have him wagging his tail when he sees me. It is a let down. I am most at peace at night when all of my little chicks (kids and pets) are all accounted for and home where they belong!