Monday, January 17, 2011

PS I wish you were here

Dear Dr. King:

I wonder what you'd say if you were alive today.  I can't help but think you'd be a bit disheartened by the state of the world.  It doesn't seem like people are being very nice to each other of late.

Tension seems to be running so high throughout the world.  There are wars and unrest everywhere.   It seems like the more hateful a person is, the more press and celebrity they receive.  I wonder if you would have even received a headline if you were preaching today.  The only preachers I'm hearing about are the ones who hate gay people, or the ones who've had numerous affairs or broken laws.  The good guy is finishing last.

 I'm trying to stay true to your word and look at the content of a person's character.  Sometimes, that's a lonely road.  I can't imagine how difficult it was for you, and I truly appreciate your efforts and the sacrifices you and your family made.  I won't lie to you, I like having today off from work too.

Thank you for your works and your words.  I will do everything I can to honor you and them.

The Ju


mel said...

"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robin said...

Lovely post, JuJu... I think all we can do is let our own love shine as bright as we can to all those around us. I hope he's shining down on us, helping us all be better folks to each other. We certainly do need his help...

sherri s. said...

So true--everyone's making a LOT of noise these days but not saying anything at all. It's wearisome...

word: proweled

That guy was arresteded because he proweled that lady's housese.

sherri s. said...


B.'s mom was born in Grantham (also the birthplace of Maggie Thatcher) and grew up in Nottingham--Robin Hood was big around their house when the boys were little!

word: picadat

She picadat hat even though it looka like a cat on a mat.