Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finger Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap

Thoughts running through my mind while our computers are down at work.....

Wow, I can't get anything done without my computer at work.

I'm really glad I'm getting my hair "done" today.  My mom and my grandmother used to get their hair "done" every Thursday. 

I gave up on Ancestry.Com.  Already.

It's okay to change your mind.

I hate peeing in a cup.  I'm no good at it.

Next week is Ash Wednesday, and my calendar says Daylight Savings Time starts March 13th.  Spring is just around the corner.

I cannot find a pen I like well enough to use on a daily basis.  It must be ballpoint and medium.  Any suggestions?

I'm kinda weird about my pens.

When I re-read that last line, the last word of that line looked like something else.

Sometimes the good guy finishes first.  But not very often.

If I never hear about Charlie Sheen again, that will be too soon.

Bailey has been house-poop-free for a week now.  I hope I didn't just jinx it.

My favorite frozen pizza is the Totinos Triple Meat Pizza with the little fake meats cut into little teeny tiny squares.  They are something crazy like 3 for $5.  BONUS!

I feel wrong if I don't have a picture on a blog post. 

STILL haven't found the perfect pillow.

I used to play softball.  I wasn't good.

Happy Tuesday Blogland.  I hope your day is more productive than mine!


SPT said...

Ju, my love, I also cannot pee in a cup. I am convinced I have different anatomy than other women. I have peed in lots of cups in my day and every single time I pee all over my hand. I even follow the very detailed instructions on the wall. That's it. I give up. I'm good at lots of things. Not peeing in a cup.

Also - I am a pen freak too. All part of my "office supply whore" identity. I always mean to save the ones I like and then just buy more. But I never remember. I like a point somewhere between fine and medium.

mel said...

Oh, you two were just made for each other!

unclebro said...

Yep, you jinxed it.
Although it was in one of those "ribbon magnet" shapes.

sherri s. said...

Amen to the Charlie Sheen bizness...he's clearly mentally ill, so why are we shining a spotlight on his antics? Someone needs to get him the help he needs (and then we won't/don't have to hear from him).

Peeing in a cup is unnatural...and don't get me started on the rigmarole that goes with it (the little wipey things, etc.).

word: ought (a real word!!! OMG)

I ought to get up from here and finish cleaning my house...nah...