Friday, March 18, 2011


Today was a typical early spring day in South Carolina.  It was gorgeous and sunny.  It actually felt warm inside the car after it was closed up for a few hours. 

Today was a typical early spring day in South Carolina.  Pollen is covering everything.  Steven had the car washed this morning, and by noon, it was covered again.  The sidewalks, driveways and plants are all covered.  This leads to typical early spring sneezing.

Today was a typical Friday off work day.  I slept in later than normal, and enjoyed some mind numbing TV.  In addition, Steven and I went to see a matinee.  Typical movie fare:  popcorn and soda.

This evening is a typical Friday in March.  Basketball is on, my bracket isn't doing so hot, and I'm sitting on the couch.

And, while this day has been a lovely day, to be honest, it's been anything but typical. 

In the middle of the night, Taylor texted me that a friend of hers had been killed in an automobile accident.  Since receiving the news, I can't get this kid and his family out of my mind.  Taylor went to school with him since first grade.  His last name was Taylor, and the teacher pointed out that if they married, she would be Taylor Taylor.  (she burst into tears, by the way)  This child and Taylor were in the same class/pod all through elementary and middle school.  They attended high school together.  He has a twin sister who was in  Taylor's girl scout troop.  His mother and I had a few things in common, as we were one of the few divorced moms in this group of kids. 

And now, he's gone.  I haven't seen this child for many years, but immediately, I think of that boy in first grade, and how he and Taylor were the same size, and thus hung together.  Their pictures were always together in the yearbook. Young adults are mourning together on Facebook, and at a show this evening.  They are facing an all too adult reality. 

On this typical Spring Friday in South Carolina, a young life is over.  Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the world keeps spinning.  But, for Jason's family, nothing will ever be typical again.  And all of that just makes me very very sad.


mel said...

Oh my God, Ju, that is heart-breaking. So tragic. So much tragedy in so many places lately. God bless this young man's family. Rest in peace.

sherri s. said...

So sorry, JuJu, to hear about the death of a friend, especially one so young. I hope your daughter is doing OK. I swear, I'm scared half the time I get into a car anymore...

word: hersanc

Hersanc, hissanc, someone's got to clean the bathroom. (hope this isn't too frivolous given the nature of your post!)

angie128 said...

So very sorry.

Robin said...

So sorry to hear this sad news. Life can be so fleeting. We just never know. Hope your daughter is doing okay after the shock of it all. And, you, too. Big hugs to you and yours...