Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only If You Dare

Beware the dreaded Mount Laundry!  It grows by leaps and bounds!  It  is never ending!  It can ruin your weekend!  Only the very brave need approach it!


mel said...

Did you do the painting in your home, JuJuBee?

angie128 said...

I didn't see the laundry because I was looking at the neato painted tree.

JuJu said...

Steven does all the painting. :-)

We have a print of the Gustav Klimt "the Kiss" up on our wall, and there is a cool tree in the pic. Steven painted that tree on some of our walls.

I put the jewels on there though. (it's like giving the little kid a job to keep her happy!)

sherri s. said...


word: tramelet

Tramelet: it's down the road from Camelot (the rent's cheaper).

Mary said...

I like to spread mine out into various rooms so it seems like I have less to do. Never works, I then carry it all into the laundry room and see it equals my height and start to cry. Perhaps I need a new strategy?

Grandma K said...

And just if you think you have it done and conquered there it is again!