Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just A Little Getaway

Steven and I drove up to Myrtle Beach yesterday.  MB is only about 90 miles from us, yet it feels like a real getaway when you go there.  We started our 24 hour vacation by watching ManU play from Molly Darcy's Irish Pub.  You know the day is going to be good when your team wins.

After venturing back to the southern part of Myrtle Beach, we checked into our hotel and walked around checking out the pool areas.  The best thing about Myrtle Beach is that all hotels seem to have a plethora of pools.  Not just pools, but wading pools, lazy rivers, indoor pools, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and then more pools.  If you like a pool, Myrtle Beach has one for you.

A philosophy I am going to live by from here on in.
I mean, honestly.  This lady has it figured out.
It was wonderful to sit outside and just forget about things for a few hours.
There were girls in swimsuits everywhere.  
Young girls.
Young girls who haven't had children yet, and their bodies haven't succumbed to gravity yet.

 Gnomes really like Myrtle Beach.  Look how happy this guy is.
He must have been checking out the young gals  in swimwear.

 We had dinner at this little establishment.  I have a WHOLE 'nother blog about this.  
Let's just say that askew "V" should have been a clue.
Our waitress didn't find my stories very funny.  I thought they were hilarious.  
Oh, and how great is it to have Michael Jackson piped into the Italian restaurant?

 There are gift stores on every block.  Famous people shop there.  As did we.

 And, isn't this always nice to know?
At least you don't have to ASK where they keep the BIG SIZES.

 These reminded me of my mom.  

 One of the many pools.  I was not temped to jump into this from our 11th floor room.  Really.  
But, Steven really wanted to try to spit into it.
As far as I know, he didn't do it.

So now, our little 24 hour vacation is over, but I feel relaxed and rested.  
We did a lot in a little space of time, and now it's back to reality.
I'd rather be back with Elvis.


mel said...

I am always so inspired by your get-aways!

sherri s. said...

OMG, I LOVE Myrtle Beach...that's where we went when I was a kid to go to the beach. I rode my first roller coaster there, with my dad (sniff sniff). I loved coming over that crest in the road and then you saw your first glimpse of the ocean...good times, thanks for the memory!

word: balogi

I got tired of having balogi sandwiches in my lunchbox every day! (How did I avoid dying of food poisoning?)