Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Random

I saw the best license plate on my way to Columbia this week:  RMBR911

I have two new favorite TV shows:  Who Do You Think You Are and An Idiot Abroad. 

I'm sad that Carla is off Top Chef.

 I'm really sad about the earthquake and tsunami.

We had a great week with friends in town.  But, I'm pooped now.

Speaking of poop, Bailey is still gifting us in the bathtub.

Are you watching American Idol?  We are.  I like the guys better than the girls. 

I'm really dreading losing this hour of sleep tomorrow.  That will screw me up until October.

I need a vacation.

BIG time.

That aint happening any time soon.


But hey, I'm healthy and alive and grateful for all that.

TGIF Friends.  Have a great weekend!


Grandma K said...

I too am sorry Carla is off.

sherri s. said...

So sad about Japan...I have such strong feelings for the people and the country; our trip there a few years ago was one of the highlights of my life. And I HATE the time change...I hate it both ways, but especially this one, losing an hour. We've had a super busy weekend, too, so I'm going to resent it even more than usual. Bah!

word: antiners

The antiners should keep them away from under the sink...little buggers (ooh, a naughty word, oops)!

Brandy WK said...

Oh, Judi...both of those shows are my two new faves, too! Well, I got into "Who do you think you are?" last season, so it's not technically "new" to me, but still. And how much do you love Karl? Lots, I say!! Why does he remind Ray and I of Steve? Ha! And I'm with ya again on the guys being way better than the gals on AI. Good stuff.