Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

Ladies and Germs, please mark it on your calendar. 

Tonight, on the 8th of March, 2011, I knew the correct lyrics to a song.  And, Steven even just said the following words:  "You were right, I was wrong."*

Normally, I'm way off.  I can't hear what anyone is saying.  I can't understand any words being sung.

When I was younger, I could do it.  I know tons of songs from the 70s and early 80s.  But, something happened to my brain when I turned 18.  The lyric-understanding part of my brain just died.  And, it wasn't a slow journey, it was an all of a sudden type of thing.

I know we all have done this, and many of these examples aren't mine.  But, surprise, surprise, I can't even remember mine. ( But, they are usually songs Taylor knows, and I don't know.)

Just a few mix ups I know of over the years:

"I'll never be your pizza burning..."  (Beast of Burden)
"Four Letter Woman..."  (More than a Woman)
"Naked Woman...  (American Woman)

I'm sure you have some of your own gems?  Please share!!

*oh, and the song tonight?  Thriller, by Michael Jackson.  At the end, when Vincent Price is talking, he uses the line, "Y'alls Neighborhood."  Steven did not believe me that those were the words.  I am proud to say that I looked it up on line, and my version is correct.  Hallelujah!!
Of course, he is playing the English card on this one, citing that "Y'all" isn't a word in England.

Whatever.  I was right!!

Can't touch this.  (MC Hammer)


sherri s. said...

Ha! We always have to look stuff up...B. just often doesn't believe me (and I'm most often right!)--not lyrics, but other stuff. "Oh the Yellow Rose of Texas, partle ya tadoo..."

word: aughthin

Isn't that poem by W. H. Aughthin moving?

SPT said...

Exit 7, oh me, oh my. (867-5309.... jenny, i've got your number)

angie128 said...

Original lyrics by my daughter:

"I love rock 'n roll. Put another dime in the juice box baby!"

And that Aerosmith classic, "Do the funky lady" Ummmm, excuse me, it's Dude looks like a lady.