Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're All Irish One Time A Year

Yesterday was the annual block party held in the Old Village of North Charleston.  It's a great area, one in which I'd love to live someday.  And, man, can they throw a party.

We went to our favorite Irish Pub prior to the party to watch the ManU v. Arsenal game.  So, our day started early.   Luckily, ManU won, so the rest of the day was icing on the cake!

Yesterday was my friend, Dusti's birthday.  How nice it must be for all those people to turn out to celebrate her!!

Here's a picture of that crowd! 

We had a great time with friends.  The weather was gorgeous, and everyone was in a great mood.  

One of my favorite things about a day like this is all the great people watching it provides.  It was one of the greenest parties I've ever attended!  Everyone was in the spirit, and happy to have their photo snapped!

These two were dancing to the live music and having a ball!

The Vikings were Irish?

Even Hello Kitty got in on the action.

And finally, the party begins when the kilts arrive!

No.  I didn't look underneath.  :-)


mel said...

Éirinn go brách!

sherri s. said...

How fun and festive...the extent of my St. Patrick's Day celebration is making Irish soda bread. And drinking beer (an everyday occurrence!)

word: purethlu

My purethlu felth intoth the streeth--everything fellth outh.

sherri s. said...

OMG: the next word is "manless." Ha!