Monday, March 21, 2011

JuJu Went Back In Time

Remember how I told you I had a "whole 'nother story" about THIS place?

Believe it or not, the sign isn't what made us go inside.  We wanted somewhere within walking distance, and we both love pasta, so Angelo's was the winner.  We actually saw this sign after the meal. 

As we entered the restaurant, I immediately felt like I was in Terre Haute, Indiana, circa 1979.  Just in case you've forgotten, this is me from that era:  (hello brother and father!)

Anyway, there I am inside Angelo's restaurant in Myrtle Beach,  yet sure I'm at the Rod and Gun Club in Terre Haute.  There was dark dark paneling.  There were vinyl tablecloths.  The people eating there had surely been there since 1979.  (granted, we were there early enough for the early bird special!)    Michael Jackson music was piped into the joint.  And, they had this on the table:

Yes, that is fake dew on the fake flowers.
Don't be jealous because my man knows where to take me for some F I N E dining.

And then I saw it on the menu.  Since it was a special night, I decided to order a bottle of wine.
As I looked at the menu, I spied two words--
Folks, this was the wine of choice for romantic teens on prom night.  And, since I was living on the edge....

I almost felt like it was wrong for it to be in a chiller, and to drink it out of something made of glass.
$12 a bottle baby.  
My brother would call this, "drinking memories."  And, that was surely all that wine is good for these days...

One final bit of time we walked back to our hotel, we stopped into a Mini Mart.  While there, I spied these, which I haven't seen in AGES.

Honest to goodness, if I had turned the corner and run into Pete Grimes, I wouldn't have even batted an eye.


mel said...

This one made me chuckle.

Myrtle Beach is somethin'.

BTW, you are the spittin' feminine image of your dad.

SPT said...

Riunite on ice. That's nice.

Only the finest restaurants have roses WITH dew on the tables.

Sherri said...

Aww, love the graduation picture--I agree that there is a strong family resemblance there (your brother, too). And who knew Boone's Farm comes in BLUE!

word: aneeb

Aneeb to blowb by nose; I hab a cold.

Sherri said...

Where's my avatar?! Boo.

rmjack said...

We have a Molly Darcy Pub in St Louis!