Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back To School!

Well, my kids are grown, so it's not nearly the emotional roller coaster that I know others are riding today.  I have enjoyed pictures on Facebook of kids starting school with their brand new backpacks, cute clothes and fancy clean shoes!!  It seems like just yesterday that my kids were doing the very same thing, and I was the mommy crying as they went to their classroom.

Well, for that matter, it seems not all that long ago that I was the one having that first day excitement!  I can remember the excitement the night before (would I ever fall asleep?), wondering who was in my class, who my teacher was, where I would sit!  I loved elementary school. 

I loved my brand new school supplies and took great pride putting them all in my desk.  Of course, this was back in the day when desks were all one piece.  Remember those?  The chair was connected to the desk.  No WAY would I fit in one those nowadays.  Those desks had the little indentation for your pencil.  Many had graffiti from previous kids from previous years.  I think those special desks were my first experience at having my "own place." 

Did you have the cafeteria tables that would fold up at the end of the day, and create room for assemblies?  I think they have tables and chairs at schools now.  I took my lunch to school (in the brown paper bag, never really had a lunch box) and would buy lunch on the chili/peanut butter sandwich day.  That was my favorite!

I loved spelling tests.  I've always had a natural "feeling" for spelling, so it came easy to me.  (this is probably why I loved it.  And, I sure hope I don't misspell anything now that I've bragged on myself)  I loved the idea of numbering my paper and spelling the word, and getting a nice big fat 100 written in red ink.  Sometimes, I'd even get a smiley face or a star on there.  THAT was a good day.

Of course, the magic of elementary school changed as we moved on to junior high and high school, but still that excitement remained.  Only then it seemed the more important thing was which boys were in my class, and which boys were on my lunch.  (also, which boys passed me in the hall, and had lockers near me...)  Supplies weren't nearly as important, and the backpack was replaced by a purse.  I didn't have my own desk, it was shared with other people.  Those days of school felt like constant movement; one classroom to another.  Different teachers, different classmates, bells ringing.

Yeah, no tears for me on the first day of school this year, but certainly a bit of longing for those wonderful school days of yore and the magic of that first golden day.  I miss that chance to start over every September.  I miss being read to.  And, I miss that red 100, concrete approval that I had done something good.  Ah, those were the days!

(These pictures are three of the schools I attended in my youth)

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sherri s. said...

I always loved school, everything about it--well, there might have been a period there in junior high when I wasn't so happy! I loved all subjects (until I got to geometry and calculus), but English was my favorite--I loved spelling, too, and I won the school spelling bee every time I entered (brag brag brag).

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