Friday, August 5, 2011


As you know, I'm at the beach with my brother and his family this week.  It's hot as all get up, but we're enjoying the beach, the house and being together.

My sister in law loves to buy a good beach towel.  Each year, they usually buy some while down here, always the nicest quality, and cutest designs.    For years, they have enjoyed the Sea Dog/Salty Dog brand of towels.  It's kind of a family tradition that they pick up a new one of these while down here in South Carolina. 

This year's model:

I've been looking at this towel for a few days now, and realized that there's something a little extra that I don't think Cindy bargained for.  It's a little something that I now cannot stop staring at.  I'm starting to feel like a pervert. 

Really?  Did they have to make an anatomically correct beach towel? 
At least there's no red rocket...


Grandma K said...

My first thought was that you saw something in the "spot" that is on the loin. Guess my mind is in a different place.

sherri s. said...

Wouldn't want to see a back view, I don't think. On, she puts a spot ("modesty patch") over her dog Chuck's personal parts...funny!

word: xermed

When the Toni perm didn't take, I took the next step and got my hair xermed--not a pretty sight.

mel said...

Juuuu...he's a pirate so he needs that somethin' extra...