Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Taylor Met Harry

Well, I finally saw it. 

After work this evening, Taylor, Steven and I went to see the final Harry Potter.  I'm like every other HP fan--I didn't want to see it come to an end. 

This is what Taylor looked like when we started reading the books:

(no, this wasn't 1972, we were attending a 70's themed wedding!)
(super stud, Kathleen, Taylor and disco mama)

Notice how she's still standing close to me.  She has braces.  She seems happy to be in my company!  No hips or chest.   She's still a little girl.

We started out the series by reading Book One out loud.  That will always live as the most magical (!) book for me.  Then the movie was released and I was so excited to find out that the castle, Hagrid, the train, Dumbledore, etc, all looked as I had imagined.  And the kids!    Remember when the kids looked like this?

Little kids.  Still needed their parents. 

Through the years, we anticipated, waited for,  and read all the books.  Taylor would read them cover to cover the day they were available.  Steven and I would listen to them in the car.  We would discuss them, laugh over them, and then complain that it was too long before the next one was going to be released!  We followed this routine for years.

Our "family" tradition was to go see the movie on the day it was released, together, and just after work so as to miss the big crowds.  It was our "thing."  As the kids in HP grew up, so did Taylor.  As they faced more adult situations and bad guys, so did she.  They all grew up together.

I'm thinking that might be why I delayed seeing this one so much.  Not only did I not want the HP series to end, I didn't want our HP Time Together to end.  Harry, Ron and Hermione are adults now and have moved on with the next part of their lives.  And, Taylor isn't far behind them.

I kinda wish we could go back to Book One and do it all over again.  

Kathleen, Kristina and Taylor


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