Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

I was hungry on my drive home from Columbia today.  So, I started thinking about food.  I love food.  I love all kinds of  food.  We all have our favorites, eh?  Here are some opinions you never asked for, but will get anyway.

My (current) list of the BEST in Food:

Taco:  Jack in the Box. They deep fry these suckers. The cheese is a slab of American cheese, and the grease is evident on the taco shell.  Yum.

Chili Dog:  AMF Bowling Lanes on Highway 17.  Chili, cheese and perfectly diced red onion.  Burp. And, they're really tasty with a good cold draft beer.

Breakfast Sandwich:  Sonic's Toaster Sandwich.  (#13)  I get mine with bacon and cheese only, no egg.  I can't stand the fake egg thing.  They use REAL bacon, and I'm pretty sure they fry it rather than nuke it.  Sonic also wins the award for the best unsweet iced tea and ties with Zaxby's for best ice!

Curly Fries:  This is Taylor's submission, as I don't really care for curly fries.  She says Arby's.  Then we realized not many places even HAVE curly fries anymore.  What's with that?

Chicken Strips:   Bojangles Baby!  I love getting that box with my biscuit, chicken strips and the best honey mustard.  Yep, that's right, Bojangles gets two Besties!

French Fries:  Steak n Shake.  They are skinny and salty and delish!  It is important that they be eaten in house, as they are at their best when hot!  Plus, S&S has the really nifty ketchup dispenser squeeze bottle.

Crunchy Bits:    Long John Silver's has those crunchy bits of deep fried batter that fell off the fish.  Did you know you can order those things for about 50 cents? I always end up enjoying those more than the fish itself.

Hash Browns:  Chick FilA.  They are perfect!  Crunchy, salty, bite size and potato-y!

Tuna Sub:  Subway!  I get mine with red onion, cheese, mayo and salt and pepper.  It's my favorite sandwich! And, I love how they put the tuna on the bread with an ice cream scooper.

Best Cheeseburger:  Village Bar, Des Peres, Missouri. Skinny patty, greasy, onions and cheese, little bitty pickles.

Best Chicken Wing Flavor:  Wild West from Wild Wing Cafe.  It's great on everything.

Pizza:  Shakespeare's in Columbia, Missouri.  They use pepper jack cheese for heaven's sake! Why doesn't everyone?

Salad:  Grilled Chicken Salad from Tbonz.  The lettuce is great, perfect cheese ratio, delicious chicken and tasty blue cheese dressing!  I would like it if they would hold the carrots, but I understand that others may enjoy the orange things.

And for dessert?

Ice Cream:  OMG.  The dip cone from Dairy Queen is the perfect dessert.  Hands Down.

What are some of your faves?  And, are you hungry now?


Grandma K said...

We don't have some of the places - like curley fries have to be Jack In The Box. The picture of the dipped cone sent me into shock - I want one sooo bad!

sherri s. said...

I concur...about the ice cream cone both being fabulous AND making me want one! I'm at a disadvantage in the voting here--A) I'm a vegetarian, and B) we don't have a lot of these restaurants (no Steak and Shake, Chick-Fil-A only in malls, don't think we have Long John Silver's, Sonic only in the suburbs), also don't know where I last saw an Arby's OR a Dairy Queen! Wow. We're underprivileged!

But I do love me some fried potatoes any old way you want to give them to me! AND I'll be in Indiana and Kentucky soon, so maybe I'll encounter some of these places (my mom, who will be my traveling companion, LOVES Long John Silvers!). Also: in Kentucky, restaurants serve tater tots and tater babies as well as fries. Oh yeah, baby!

word: pulkho

Don't eat all of these things together or you might pulkho.

sherri s. said...

And wow, was that a looooooong comment!

word: pergo

Pergo floors are impervious to Tallulah Mae toenail shenanigans (not that I have them! Neither Pergo floors nor toenails like Tallulah Mae's).

mel said...

Cath and I are DQ fans from waaaay back. That dipped cone it just THE best!

DQ, baby!