Monday, August 8, 2011

New Layout

Well, it's  just tweaked a bit--

I figure I talk about the folks in my life so much that you might enjoy/need/want visual aids?  So, voila!  Look over there  ------------------------------------->

That's my immediate family folks.  Warts, fur and all.  I loves em to pieces.

Are you okay with this three column layout?  Is it too busy?  Any feedback is appreciated!


Mary said...

looks neat!

mel said...

I love the pics of your characters!

word - shiress

Your blog shiress lovely!

sherri s. said...

I love it, but where are you?! {Smooch on Rockett's nose}.

word: flyestra

That superhero Flyestra is annoying--all she does is walk on food, poop on it, and bump up against the window repeatedly.

angie128 said...

Most awesome picture of Rockett. I want to play with him and throw him a ball.

Grandma K said...

OMG - you love Project Runway too? OK - this is really strange!

New layout - love it. Especially love the pics.

SPT said...

beautiful, all of them.