Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Gonna Be a Crazy Week

Living in coastal South Carolina has its many perks. 

But, I don't count hurricanes as one of them.

September is the busiest month of hurricane season.  And, it's starting up early.  We woke up this morning to word that "Irene" was tracking for us.  I'm sure this will change 873 times before the hurricane either makes landfall or goes out to sea.  But, until we're in the clear, my little town will go crazy making preparations, predicting outcomes, and barraging the grocery store for supplies.

My boss is already annoyed that this will distract everyone in our industry, and we'll lose time from work.

People are starting to speak with a tinge of worry in their voices.

Facebook is filled with local folks asking Irene to stay away.

Like I said, it's going to be a crazy week!  Oh Irene!


sherri s. said...

Oh, poor you...scary and annoying simultaneously, no?

word: mectio

Mectio, the lost Marx Brother!

angie128 said...

Hope Irene goes somewhere else to play.

mel said...

Keep us posted, Ju. Sometimes the weather people just seem overly dramatic but once in a while they actually get it right.

Be prepared! (Not quite certain what that means but I think you should buy water.)