Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Day Today!

Today is the start of the English Premier Football League Season.

Folks, it's a very happy day in our house.  For the next nine months, we will watch as many games as humanly possible.  We will work our Fantasy Teams in hopes of winning money at the end of the season.  And, we will (hopefully!) watch Manchester United win their 20th League Title.

I've had many people ask  me how I can stand watching so much football.  Well, you know I'm a sports nut. That goes without saying.  But, honestly, how bad can this be?

Or this?

Or This?

Or maybe this?

And, hello!!!  How about some of THIS?  



Grandma K said...

I wanted you to see this, so rather than answer on my blog ... I hate that your bedroom was flooded. That is such a mess. I hope things turn out OK>

mel said...

Your bedroom was flooded?? How did I miss that one? What happened, Ju?

angie128 said...

Picture number five, please.

Thank you.

Darla said...

Ok you need to fill us in on the bathroom flooding, and I am once again siding with Angie...#5 please! He is my new Juan the Pool Boy!! :)

So very happy GOOD sports are back on, Football and American football!!