Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3:00 Fantasy Time

I'm not sitting here at my desk.  I am not stressing out about taxes, money and work.  I am not feeling guilty about the stupid post I wrote last night about guilt.

I am somewhere in Italy.  I have no worries, and I have tons of money.  I spend this money on food, wine and the local animal shelter.  I have tons of puppies and kittens everywhere.  I even have a few chickens roaming the place.

I am 5'9" and thin.  I can wear any type of clothing and look great.  My skin is supple and smooth, and the only wrinkles I have are the laugh lines I've earned around my eyes.  People often compliment me on my beautiful hands and legs.  My stomach is so flat, you are amazed that I've had two children.  I laugh and tell you that no matter what I eat, I "just don't gain weight."

I lie in the pool soaking up the sun.  I giggle at the antics of my children and their friends.  My friends and I rehash all the funny times we've had together.  My wonderful husband smiles at me constantly, so pleased is he with the life we've built.  The animals roam freely, and never think of running away.

After a day of sunning and board games, we all sit down to a big old wooden table and eat pasta and drink wine and laugh.  Laughter is the name of the day.  There are fresh flowers everywhere.  The animals don't shed.  The moon is full and the stars blink at me to remind me how easy and carefree my life is.

Crap.  Back to reality and being 5'4" and shrinking.  
Ahhhh, it was nice while it lasted.  Ciao!


Colleen said...

Can anyone come on this trip with you? It sounds great!

Colleen said...

ps....I couldn't find your email address and I have someone who is getting married here in Charleston the beginning of December and is looking for someone to marry them. Interested?

Lap Dog Knits said...

you're too cute...
and not alone...I'm 5'3"..1/2

I always add the 1/2"

How about Sicily? Will that work?
The food's not great..
There is a volcano...active!!w/lava

But it's free...let's book a ticket

sherri s. said...

Do they deliver milkshakes at the villa? I hope so. Would you like to borrow my magic wand that cleans the house in one blink of an eye? You can borrow it, but you have to give it back. Forget about investing in Facebook--I'd for sure buy stock in THAT invention!