Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spam and 600

I'm ticked at the Spammers.  They have defeated me.  I've had so many darn spam comments of late, I've had to turn back on the horrible word verification thing.  Man, I hate that thing.  The letters are too small and too close together.  I apologize for doing that to you, but I have no choice.   I shake my fist at you Spammers!!!

On a more positive note, my brother won his 600th baseball game last night, as head coach of the Missouri Tigers.  I'm very happy for him and his Tigers.  They play again tonight, in their second game of the Big 12 Tournament.  Wish I were there!!

Talk about the SUCKS department:  The Tigers play hard and win the game.  Afterward, they return to the locker room, only to find out someone had broken in during the game and stolen their wallets and cell phones.  Honestly.  What is going on in this world?

Here's Tim looking like he knows what he's doing:

He's the short (est) one dressed in black and white.


angie128 said...

Yea for 600!

Boo for spam and for the theft. I will send the Captain to check it out.

mel said...

Three cheers for your brother! Your dad is doing some high fives up there in heaven.

Re the theft, well that really does suck. Big time. Glad to see they turned their anger/pissed-off-ness into win #601.

Grandma K said...

Yea for your brother!

Hiss, boo for spamers.

Colleen said...

Congratulations to your brother! 600 wins is quite the achievement!

Knock on wood the spammers have not found me yet.

Earth Wind and Fire in a little over a month! Can't wait to meet you!

sherri s. said...

I have the spammers now, big time. Blogger seems to catch them, though (I think!). And on Etsy, there is a rash of spammers, too...they favorite hundreds of things in your shop, but it's really a fake "marketing" ploy. Super annoying. I guess "annoying" is better than "malicious," right? Happy long weekend!