Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do I Eat Better Than a 9 Year Old Scottish Girl?

SS likes to send me blogs he thinks would interest me.  Yesterday, he sent me a link to Never Seconds.  (Please check her out, she's very clever!!)  This blog is written by a 9 year old girl who lives in Scotland.  She is sharing a picture, daily, of her school lunch, and then rating it.  It's absolutely adorable.  I love the pictures and her descriptions of the food.  She has numbers for the nutrition content, fruits, taste, etc.  She also has a category for number of hairs in her food.


Anyway, having had total lack of blog post ideas of late, I decided to copy her idea for one day.  (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?)  So, with no further ado, welcome to my day of eating!

Wow, you can tell this was morning, I obviously couldn't hold the camera steady.
Taste:  blah.  Number of sips:  10.  Nutritional Content:  Pretty Good.  Hairs?  Zero.

Mid Morning Snack -
Taste:  stale.  Number of bites:  too many.   Nutritional Content?  Crap.  Hairs?  Zero.
Incidentally, I didn't get any cheesy thumbprints on any of my papers at work.

Lunch at Kicking Chicken!
Taste:  YUMOLA  Number of Bites:  as many as I could.  Nutritional Content:  Who cares!  It's chicken salad people.  Hairs?  ZERO

Bonus Lunch Item
Steven's bacon from his burger
Taste:  AWESOME  Number of Bites:  about 10.  Nutritional Content.  I'm not playing.  Hairs?  ZERO

And finally some dinner on Bronwen Court.
Taste:  Pretty good, best part was the salad.  Number of bites:  not as many as lunch.  Nutritional Content:  good on the salad and steak, but wow, kind of heavy on the butter, eh?  That was a very thick burned hot dog bun and I was trying to soften it up.  It didn't work.
And HAIRS?  I swear to you--there was a hair on the sauce I used on my steak.  I made SS look at it so I knew I wasn't nuts.  It was too gross to photograph.  Trust me on this one.

Thanks to the wee lassy in Scotland for the blogging idea!  And, I hope NONE of us find a hair in our food tomorrow.  Amen.


sherri s. said...

Are we talking dog hairs or human hairs? Because the odds are VERY high of a Tallulah Mae follicle ending up in food. Gross, but true--esp. this time of year. How can there be 18 billion hairs on one dog? 17 billion of them are on my floor now.

Colleen said...

I'm with sherri on the dog hair! There is no avoiding them and strangely enough I don't find them quite as gross as people hair.

JuJu said...

Oh, this was definitely a human hair!! I won't describe it to you, as just thinking about it grosses me out.

I'm with you guys. I can totally accept the animal hair, but the human hairs are nasty! And, with three cats and a hairy dog, we are covered in the animal stuff!!!

Lap Dog Knits said...

I love this idea...
what? not cottage cheese??'
alone or with fruit?

so glad to read it's free of hair..that's just too nasty

I may copy you and the Scot and post what I eat for a day..

it's boring, way too healthy, and too much attention spent to calories count...so I think I'll focus on desserts...yes?

Colleen said...

Perhaps we should all post what we eat in one day.....I would have to admit that mine includes lots of cookies while I am at work...