Monday, May 28, 2012

Anniversaries and Championships

You're going to have to pull on my string to bring me back down to earth. I have been floating for the last twenty-four hours.  You see, my Missouri Tigers won the Big 12 Championship yesterday.

But, it wasn't easy.

For most of the game, I was sick to my stomach.  I paced back and forth, it looked like this:

(But, multiply that pacing by about 2000.)   As the game went into the bottom of the ninth inning, with Missouri leading 8-7, I was sitting on my bed with my tshirt (Missouri Tigers tshirt,of course) stuffed in my mouth.  I prayed for those outs.  I rocked back and forth.  And when they got that final out, I screamed to the high heavens.  Rockett came running, and my tears started running.   I felt such joy for my brother, his team, the parents of the players, and for myself.

This victory made up for all the missed field goals, the called back touchdowns, the injuries, the missed catches, the holding calls, and the last minute defeats my family has endured for 50 years. We've faced so much disappointment in this world of sports we've lived in, and finally a crowning moment.  You see, it's not just Tim's team that was victorious yesterday, it was a family victory.  It doesn't happen like this very often, so we're just going to enjoy it for awhile.   Well, until Friday when they play in the Tucson regional.  Go Tigers.

It's like Steven ordered this victory for an anniversary present.  Yep, today is one year of wedded bliss.   Happy Anniversary Dear!    We are champions!


angie128 said...


So excited!!!

Still bummed that I couldn't watch. But we were keeping up with the score!


mel said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Your brother must feel just so darn good!

Grandma K said...

Yea for your brother. That is just great.

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Lap Dog Knits said...

Happy anniversary!!!
Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
A "win" all the way around!

Colleen said...

Congratulations to all of you!

sherri s. said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! And maaaaany mooooorre...Cool-o-rama, wonderful weekend for your family.

And WHAT the heck is up with the word thing now? It looks like a stencil, a bingo tile, and an ink blot with letters in it!

BTW, I have tons of spam comments, too, all on the same Halloween post. Blogger doesn't publish them because they know they are spam, but I do get the email notifications. Annoying!!!