Saturday, May 26, 2012

Watching Forrest Gump in a big ol' Dump

Happy Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm watching Forrest Gump for the umpteenth time.  And, it doesn't matter where I start this movie, I always cry.  It's just part of the experience.

I'm sitting in the middle of our very messy house.  We are painting and re-doing the family room/dining room area.  I figured I'd give you some of the "during" shots.  Prior to this change, we had blue cloud looking things painted on our big wall and some stripes in our dining room . SS has primed all those, and many of our walls are currently white.  Our couches are white, so all this white is making me feel like I'm living in an insane asylum.

In the end, we will have a mixture of stripes and polka dots, all in black/white.  You can see some of the progress here.

It's so hard to relax amid all the mess.  Please notice the cute little snout in the lower right hand corner of this picture.

We bought two new rugs, but are waiting to put those down, since they're usually puke catchers.  We are also going to fill one wall with all black/white photos. So, today, I put pictures in frames while listening to Missouri baseball.***  Sir Steven has done all the painting, and only has one more wall to do, the one with the big stripes.

We are hoping to have this completed by Thursday, when my oldest brother (non baseball) and his wife arrive for a visit.  It's going to be a busy few days getting it all done!  

So far, only one mishap, some spilled black paint.  The casualty:  the red rug.  

If can't wait to show you the "after" pictures.  Because, when that happens, it means all this mess is cleaned up.  And, I can get back to napping!!

***Missouri plays Oklahoma in the championship game of the Big 12 Tournament tomorrow.  Tim has been there five times, and never won.  Please say some prayers for him, pull some strings, and think good thoughts for him.  It would mean the world to him to win this.


angie128 said...

I hate to paint. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Will be watching and cheering for Mizzou tomorrow!!!

JuJu said...

Thank you Angie! They are on Fox somewhere, no idea which Fox. Send up some prayers for them!

sherri s. said...

A kiss on that Rockett snout. I HATE things like painting, etc. Makes me soooo out of sorts--I feel your pain. Coolio on the black-and-white photos!

mel said...

I have to say I am surprised about the black and white....Are you going to have pops of color SOMEWHERE? I think of you as colorful, JuJuBee.

JuJu said...

Oh Mel, yes yes yes. STeven, Taylor and I will be all painting canvases with color. That is the next project. :-)

Colleen said...

I love the snout! I also love the idea of stripes and polka dots!

Strange how company gets you moving on projects! We have Michael's nephew coming to spend the summer and we are prepping the paint also and the landlord is replacing the carpet in the bedroom and office.

Will have to check the bb scores!

Grandma K said...

I am really waiting to see the end result! It will be so worth it at the end - the problem is in the middle.

Congratulations to your brother on the win!