Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hobo Bag #2

I have a few randoms for you today.

I finally, finally, FINALLY was able to give away the hobo bag to the guy for whom it was originally intended.  You may, or may not remember that over the months, I've given him a very salty bag of Stacy's Pita Chips, and I've tossed a water bottle to/at him.  I hope he gets good use of the items in the bag.  Now, it's back to Target for Bag #3 items, and wait for the next person in need.


We bought a new condo for Corey the fish.  Corey currently resides in a fish bowl with no plants or statues.  It's just a plain boring bowl.  I feel so bad for him, his life must be so un-stimulating.  He will now be getting a bigger house, a filter, two plants, and a robot!  Have no fear, I will surely take pictures of his new abode.


While at the pet store, we bought Rockett a new toy.  Three squeakers and no stuffing.  We are all in heaven with this one.  She gets loads of noise, we don't have to clean up the mess.


FYI - I hate watching what I eat.


I'm wondering how Colleen's meeting went today.


I need a new hairdo.  I'm bored with this one.


I'm kinda addicted to Family Feud with Steve Harvey.  He makes me giggle.

(thanks to Sir for the pictures)


angie128 said...

Love the Hobo Bag. Love. Need to do that. My kids need to do it.

LOVE Rockett's photo. I seriously want to just snuggle and scratch on that little snoot. Look at that little snoot.

Grandma K said...

Cute toy for Rocket!

I agree - I hate watching what I eat, and I am afraid it is going to get worse after this appointment with another specialist!

I am also glad you were able to get the Hobo bag to the guy. I saw two yesterday on the way to take the car to get the oil changed, etc. But I really don't think either would have appreciated a bag!

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