Friday, May 11, 2012

Corey's New Digs

Corey keeps me calm at work. 

 He is happy to see me in the morning; even if only to have me feed him.
For the last six months, he has lived in a boring fish bowl.
No plants, no friends, no pretty rocks.

A few weeks ago, my co-worker brought his son's fish in to be babysat.
And, wow, did that fish have a fancy schmancy house.
And, I realized Corey had been slumming it.

I felt horrible.  
What was I doing to my little friend?
We have since acquired a new home for the little fella.

And, after a 24 hour waiting period to let the water set, he was finally ready to move in today.
The great Fish Transfer took place at 11 am this morning.
And let me tell you one thing---

He is a very happy fish.  
Can you blame him?  Look at that robot!


angie128 said...

That's quite a condo for ol' Corey. He's a lucky little fish.

mel said...

Did you have a housewarming party?

sherri s. said...

I love it! He is one with the robot.

Pete said...

Things are really going well for Corey. By the way, I like the new blog layout you have.