Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

brush your teeth
comb your hair
make your bed
do your homework
don't be late
clear the table
use a coaster
say please and thank you
wipe your nose
use a kleenex
go back and use soap
wash behind your ears
don't be rude
be kind to animals
be kind to others
hug your grandma
help me with the groceries
night night
don't let the bed bugs bite

i love you

happy mother's day


mel said...

Beautiful, Ju.

sherri s. said... sweet! Moms--they rock!!! Happy Mother's Day, Lady J!

Colleen said...

The things our Mothers said to us that we told our children!

Happy Mothers Day JuJUu!

SPT said...

I've never told my kids to wash behind the ears. I'm a little nervous what I might find back there if I were to check!