Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Sights the Sunday Prior to Christmas

Steven and I went to the grocery store today.  Not just any grocery store.  We went to the special store.  We went to the store with all the good meat, produce and fun.  To prove to you just how wonderful it is, my favorite (and only) toilet paper was $6.00 off!!  (Remember, we buy the 48 pack, or whatever it is.)

On the way to the out of the way special store, we passed many interesting places.  Okay, not really, but if I tell you they are boring, are you really going to keep reading?

This is a church we pass by every day.  Normally, they have a living nativity scene, but I'm guessing it's been too cold to consider that.  I like seeing full churches on Sunday mornings.

While Steven stopped at Wendy's to get a plain cheeseburger, lettuce only, I looked across the street and saw this building:

Before it was the Title Loan shop, this little corner building was a classy little redneck bar called, "Lou's."  This is the building where Steven and I met, started arguing about baseball, and haven't quit since.  We even spent Christmas Eve there one year.  I'm happy to report that we haven't had the need to be in there since it changed.

Back in the car and on the way, we ventured by this little place:

That is 608 Waterwood Drive.  We lived there for a short time, but it was a special time.  I don't think we ever had the TV playing.  (one exception - English football!)  We talked a lot, and listened to a lot of music.  I got in trouble from the downstairs neighbor for walking too heavily.  (I walk like an elephant)  We saw snow here when we lived there.

And, then we got to the store.  I couldn't concentrate much after that.  Everything is so pretty. 

I wanted to kiss the butcher.  I bought some gorgeous tenderloins and some crab legs from him.  I wanted to buy more, but I don't know how to cook half that stuff. 

And, then we come upon this:

That's the English section of the pretty store.  They have beans, sauces, drinks, veggies, TREACLE, HP sauce, candy bars, cookies, etc.  Steven likes to stand in front of this section and ooh and aaah.  Then I call him, "Govna" and make his fantasy complete.

These things are gross.  Just saying.

But these below are right tasty.  And, the name is pretty fun.  Try saying it with a posh English accent!

Thanks you special grocery store.  We BOTH love you.


mel said...

What I love most is that you and Steven have such fun times doing everyday things.

Wishing you many, many, many, many more delightful days together.


sherri s. said...

Awww, a super-sweet post! That's what married life is all about, in my opinion--the everyday moments. Love it!

word: reque

I reque-in (groan) that Santa feller is on his way to the trailer park soon! (not a slam...I happen to enjoy a good trailer park immensely--my one granny lived in a lovely light blue trailer for a while!)