Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid Week Mute


sherri s. said...

That baby! What an imp...and I love a man in a hat.

word: exphor

"But I didn't inhale (or exphor)," he proclaimed.

angie128 said...

I'm loving all those pictures....except the one with the man in the feather hat. I'm scared of that one.

(PS - The Bloggie Doggie's real name is Gauge. And he's a he. I don't know why I don't use his real name on my blog. Cause I'm a dork I guess.)

mel said...

I want to live wherever that Christmas tree is - it makes me think of the mountains.

And I would eat a cupcake while adoring my beautiful tree.

mel said...

PS - not to place undue stress on you but I just KNOW we are coming up on our holiday card post. I just KNOW it!

JuJu said...

Mel, that is the house in the mountains that we go to every New Years Eve. Only 13 more days until we go!

You have a keen eye!