Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mid Week Mute (One Day Late) (Again)


mel said...

A beautiful Christmas song should be playing to fill us with peace.

Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm.


On another note:
word: culaysi

Get culaysi butt off that sofa, Fred, and let the dog out! Now, Fred!!

sherri s. said...

Lovely photos...was I at your house recently, because I would have eaten all of those deviled eggs that are missing. No, really, I would have! Merry Christmas, my bloggy friend! All the best to you and your (very attractive, as I always say!) family. Here's to more crazy blogging (meant in the very BEST way!) in 2011!

word: lavark

On another planet, a very popular show from the 1970s was Lavark and Shirvorg.

Good one, Mel!