Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season

I'm feeling a little bit disappointed today.   I'm feeling disappointed in the lack of humanity I am seeing.

A friend of mine organizes food drives every year.  This year, on top of the food drive, she's encouraging others to give socks and gloves.  It has been very cold in the south this fall, and the winter looks to be more of the same.  People who are less fortunate would surely appreciate anything to keep them warm, right?

I put up a flyer at work.  I sent an email asking folks to bring in canned goods, socks, or gloves.  This was last week.  To date, nothing has been donated.

I totally understand that times are tough, and that all of us are feeling a pinch this year, and especially at this time of year.  But, I'm pretty certain we can all manage to give a few cans of food, or pick up some socks from the store. 

But, more than the cost, I think it's a case of people being busy, stressed, and preoccupied.  We are all so crazy trying to get things done, that we're forgetting that, among many things, this is a season of giving.  I have so many blessings in my life, as do most of the people I know.  Surely we have time enough to shop for a few things for those less fortunate.

As I said before, it's very cold in South Carolina right now.  As I was leaving work today, I noticed a woman walking down the street.   I sat in my heated car listening to my satellite radio.  She was walking quickly, bundled up from head to toe, and looked oh so cold.  We have many homeless people sleeping in our bushes near the office, and  roaming the streets that surround it.

I'm certainly not trying to be a do-gooder, a preacher, or holier than thou.  But, in this season where we are giving to our family and friends, let's all go the extra step and give to a stranger.  I bet it will be the most appreciated gift this year.


sherri s. said...

Maybe everyone has just procrastinated? How big-hearted you are...I have faith that they'll all come through for you in the end!

word: ruili

O.M.G.! Did she RUILI say that?!

angie128 said...

I can relate to the disappointedness. We did a food drive at work once. It turned into a "clean your pantry out" event. Sure, we had some soup and beans. But we also had a bottle of raspberry chipotle barbecue sauce and a molten chocolate cake mix. Yeah, just what people going through hard times need. AND, there was a tiny, lunchbox size box of raisins with a thumbtack booby-trapped in it. Seriously.

But good for you to attempt to help. Your heart was in the right place.

I think you're neato.

mel said...

Every year at work, through our company, my department adopts a family for Christmas. This year we gave coats, pants, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, and bed comforters to each of a needy family of 6. Plus, some kind-hearted people added toys and jewelry to the mix. All new.

I don't know what to say about your group, Ju. Maybe because we do it every year people expect it and budget for it. I bet if you do it again next year, you will get more participation.

You are a kind-hearted woman, Ju. Lead them.

JuJu said...

Just thought I'd report back that there are a few more items in the box.

Small steps.

Mary said...

I'm so glad they came through! And just so you know some more items will appear next week as youe commuting employee contributes. ;)

I am always perplexed by people's lack of desire to help other people. Maybe it's because my profession is a 'helping' one, but it's just what you do! Last week when we bought our tree the lady ringing us up couldn't use her heater outside and she was FREEZING! She was to be working out there all night and it just made me feel terrible that she would be so cold (it was one of those 20's nights). So we went a bought her a big hot chocolate and took it back. It wasn't much but that lady came out and gave me the biggest hug. That will make my Christmas for sure. Just that one little hug from somebody who needed a little warmth and kindness. I believe if everyone did that kind of stuff even once a year, they wouldn't need to see Counselors like me because the world would be a much different place.

Sorry for taking up your comments section, Ju. Maybe I should use my own blog for this kind of stuff.... :)