Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chili Cook Off 2010

The Charleston Animal Society held it's 11th Annual Celebrity Chili Cook Off yesterday.  I love this event, because it encourages eating all day long.  Not only is eating the main focus, but it's for a good cause, so that means no calories, right?

For $25 you get all the chili, oysters, hot dogs, beer and wine you can put in your body.  There is the celebrity division (local celebs), restaurant division, and amateur.  There's so much chili, you could pave the streets with it!  (now, that's a vision for you, eh?)

I have always wanted to win a trophy, but have never done so in my entire life.  I was tempted to take one of these beauties, but didn't think I could fit it in my purse or my pocket.

 Steven donates his time to the CAS, photographing animals and events.  You can see this was a really tough gig for him yesterday.  Cheerleaders.  YOUNG Cheerleaders.  Probably illegally young cheerleaders.

 There was Beauty Queen Chili.  (I didn't get to this one, but if it were as good as she was pretty, I'm sure it was YUM!)

 There were tons of dogs in sweaters.

 Presentation was a big part of the competition. 

 Britney was NOT one of the celebs.  Yes, Steven had his picture taken with this.

The best part about living in the Lowcountry is that oysters accompany everything.

 All in all, it was a lovely day, complete with this gorgeous view.  I do love my city.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go pop some Tums!



sherri s. said...

How fun! I love chili (although I was told by someone in Texas that there is NO WAY you can call chili with no meat in it "chili." Love dogs in sweaters, too!

word: hansedl

Hansedl and Gretld are now too scared to ever go near gingerbread--they're scarred for life!

mel said...

What a fun day! Do you enter your chili?

Darla said...

Tums and GasX!!